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J.travis talks works at XinCheJian.


J.travis talks Fab Academy 2019, ongoing works dishuBot and Pure Imagination and some recent developments at XinChenJian open house.

来自同济大学Fablab O的Saverio Silli和Jtravis Russett将介绍一些在麻省理工学院数字制造课程教授Neil Gershenfeld指导下由Fab Academy的学生实现的项目。新版的Fab Academy的将于明年一月开始:“如何制造(几乎)任何东西”

Saverio Silli and Jtravis Russett from Fablab O in Tongji University will present some of the projects realized by students in Fab Academy, the digital fabrication class directed by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld from MIT. The new edition of Fab Academy will start next January: discover "how to make (almost) anything".