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to Nov 25

J.travis at The UNORTHODOX, Bay Youth Festival, Shenzhen


With Tongji University D&I and FABO, J.travis will be exhibiting dishuBot in-person Saturday and be performing a live-build of… something using the digital fabricators within the new Mobile Fablab, a fully mobile fab lab designed and fabricated by FABO Shanghai, Sunday. Come build!




“With curiosity about the world and new things, the youth gather at the "round table" to explore any possibilities related to the future. From the erratic to the reform and opening up, to the world-class urban agglomeration of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, the young people use the ideas of the times to create new sparks in the collision. Young creativity and technology help the city develop, and each city's unique urban culture is also full of vitality.

The event co-sponsored by the Communist Youth League Shenzhen Committee, Tencent, and Tongji University Design and Innovation College is coming!” —Google Translate

Bay Fest

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7:00 PM19:00

J.travis talks works at XinCheJian.


J.travis talks Fab Academy 2019, ongoing works dishuBot and Pure Imagination and some recent developments at XinChenJian open house.

来自同济大学Fablab O的Saverio Silli和Jtravis Russett将介绍一些在麻省理工学院数字制造课程教授Neil Gershenfeld指导下由Fab Academy的学生实现的项目。新版的Fab Academy的将于明年一月开始:“如何制造(几乎)任何东西”

Saverio Silli and Jtravis Russett from Fablab O in Tongji University will present some of the projects realized by students in Fab Academy, the digital fabrication class directed by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld from MIT. The new edition of Fab Academy will start next January: discover "how to make (almost) anything".


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to Jan 15

bēstia works exhibited at Shanghai Urban Space Art Season


bēstia presents project Pure Imagination and dìshūBot at the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season from 15 Oct to 15 Jan 2018 in the fantastic, one time biggest grain silo of Asia.

For the 2017 Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS), a close attention to the“connection and disconnection” in the process of contemporary society of Shanghai City is proposed. “thisCONNECTION” is a production and reflection based on the disconnection of Shanghai City, which will involve a variation of “disconnection”no matter in spatial issue or humanity concerns; and also arise the challenge and opportunities of urban renewal. With the aim of waking vitality of Minsheng port,“thisCONNECTION” would like to introduce a platform between Huangpu River and Minsheng Port by a development of waterfront area with recreation, and look forward to more possibilities of future public space made by these specific “connections”.

Shanghai Urban Space Art Season Exhibition

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to Jul 29

J.travis Russett teaching digital fabrication seminar

Assisting Saverio Silli, J.travis will be introducing the concepts of digital fabrication in an accelerated, one month, seminar in FablabO, at Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

We will be learning through making a variety of skills necessary to make almost anything, including 3D modeling, 3D printing, CNC machining, electronics, design, fabrication and stuffing, coding and mechanical design.

This is going to be a blast!

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9:30 AM09:30

dishuBot exhibited at 2017 Xi'an International Maker Festival


Come prepared to write! dishuBot will paint what you write.

For Xi’an International Maker Festival, FablabO and American polymath, J.travis Russett bring a working prototype of dìshūBot, a water calligraphy device inspired by the modern Chinese custom of painting calligraphy on public sidewalks with a water brush, a “practice [that] corresponds to both a socializing need and an individual search for self accomplishment or improvement” (Francois Chastanet). Fabricated at FablabO in Shanghai, dìshūBot is a composition of 3D printed and laser cut materials and employs a combination of stepper motors, a pump, Arduino and a custom G-code transcoder to endlessly trace passages composed of «hanzi» that slowly disappear as water evaporate.

For the purpose of promoting makers culture and mass innovation, encouraging communications between Chinese and international makers’spaces, Xi’an government decided to host the Xi’an International Makers Festival 2017. Makers’ Spaces and Makers Groups from China and overseas will present the opportunity for experiencing and understanding the makers culture. By means of DIY, you too could become a maker and release the creativity inside of you!

1. Date: June 8th, 2017
2. Place: Xi’an Jiaotong University
3. Theme: Everyone can be a maker.
4. Organizer: Xi’an Government

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